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erhard Rettenbacher - attorney at law, international, tax, mergers & acquisitions, M&A, corporate, project finance, business, austria, europe
  • erhard Rettenbacher - attorney at law, international, tax, mergers & acquisitions, M&A, corporate, project finance, business, austria, europe


Construction project in Germany

June 2017

Closing of a contract on a long-term construction project in Germany. We represent the seller in a tight bidding procedure.

High technology delivery in Japan

August 2016

Closing of a contract on a delivery of a high technology product in Japan. We protect execution of the contract in view of complex patent rights and obligations.

Cooperation on product development in USA

May 2016

A machinery construction company agrees to cooperate with a US enterprise on the development of an innovative product. We ensure that material rights to intellectual property with respect to inventions will be retained.

Takeover of Renewable Energy Company

February 2016

An Austrian trading group closes an acquisition of a renewable energy business. Due to the complex target structure, careful planning of the required steps is necessary.

International Arbitration

February 2016

We represent an Austrian group in international arbitration proceedings in Asia. The opposing Claimant seems to compromise in negotiations of a settlement.

Acquisition of Majority Holding in Korea

November 2015

An Austrian steel processing group increases its Korean holding. We optimize the corporate and tax structure due to the acquisition of a majority in the company.

Representation in Court in Shareholder Dispute

June 2015

We take over the defense in a major shareholder dispute. Careful analysis of the corporate structure results in substantial new arguments for the defendant.

Ukrainian Real Estate Investor

April 2015

An investor from Ukraine mandates us with respect to a real estate acquisition in downtown Vienna. We are very pleased about continuing interest of clients from Eastern Europe in investment in Austria.

Innovation! Start-up!

September 2014

We advise in connection with an innovation camp and business acceleration of a leading technology group.

Acquisition of Control of Japanese Joint Venture

July 2014

An Austrian steel processing group acquires the controlling majority in a Japanese Joint Venture. The cooperation with the Japanese conglomerate is substantially modified.

Bilateral Mutual Agreement Procedure

June 2014

We advise a Nordic investor on a bilateral Mutual Agreement Procedure regarding one of the largest tax claims currently pending in Europe.

Restructuring of European Software Group

May 2014

We perform multiple restructuring steps for a European software-group. For the simplification of the structure we can fully deploy our experience with businesses active in a large number of countries.

Takeover in China

March 2013

For an investor from the Middle East we create a concept for structuring their investments in Austria and Switzerland.

Real Estate Purchase of Foreign Investors

October 2012

We are highly pleased about exceptionally strong interest in real estate investment in Austria from Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East, and the US.

ICC arbitration proceedings in Paris

May 2012

During ICC arbitration proceedings in Paris we obtain an award for the full claim of a commodities trading group against a Brazilian supplier.

Real estate acquisition in downtown Vienna

January 2011

A middle east institutional investor mandates us with respect to a real estate acquisition in downtown Vienna. We are very pleased to enhance our business with clients from the Arabian Peninsula.

Joint Venture Renewable Energy

December 2010

An Austrian group obtains substantial equity and mezzanine financing for a renewable energy project. The transaction can be closed within a few days.

ICC Arbitration in New York

September 2010

During ICC arbitration proceedings in New York we manage to obtain an award for the full claim of a commodities trading group against a US supplier.

Structuring of Group Holdings in Asia

August 2010

An Austrian steel processing group reshuffles its Asian holdings. We optimize the corporate and tax structure.

Complex Joint Venture in Eastern Europe

June 2010

Two Austrian groups acquire mutual holdings. Based on the results of the due diligence and due to some minority interests and a few Slovak holdings the transaction requires a complex structure of equity financing and corporate governance.

Stock Incentives for Management

May 2010

In connection with an acquisition overseas, an Austrian group grants its management stock. A balanced corporate, tax and accounting structure can be

Defense Against Major Tax Claim

January 2010

We advise an international investor on the defense against a substantial tax claim. In this rare cross-border case we must also enforce the procedural rights of the group.

Takeover of Payment Provider

October 2009

An international group takes over all shares in a domestic payment service provider that it does not already own. We advise on corporate, anti-trust, and intricate banking issues.

Opening of Bratislava Office

September 2009

We are pleased to open our offices in Bratislava. This optimizes our services for clients in and from Slovakia.

ICC Arbitration in New York

June 2009

We represent an international raw materials trading group in arbitration proceedings in the US. Careful preparation of the arbitration request substantially improves the client's chances to enforce their rights efficiently.

Acquisition of Mobile Entertainment Business

February 2009

Entertainment has gone mobile. We advise on an acquisition in this innovative business.

Merger of US Subsidiaries

January 2009

Mergers & acquisitions in the USA are a challenge. We provide a concept for tax efficient structuring and manage corollary corporate transactions for an international steel processing group.

Acquisition of Holding in China

December 2008

China remains a substantial market of the future. We advise an international steel processing group on the acquisition of a holding.

Financial Crisis in Iceland

October 2008

What if a substantial part of the liquid funds of an institutional investor has been deposited with an Icelandic bank? Resolute but prudent action is required to steer the business through the storm on the financial markets.

Structuring of Foreign Holdings

September 2008

An international investor completes the restructuring of a part of its group. We structure and manage the transactions for the Austrian holding company.

Joint Venture Across Europe

August 2008

The European activities of a group of Austrian, UK and Romanian investors are being newly structured. The concept was devised at the “prettiest meeting place ever”.

Spin-off and Buy-Out in Eastern Europe

June 2008

Closing of a spin-off and buy-out with respect to a Central and Eastern European machinery and equipment group. Insolvency of a group company requires prudent planning and management of corporate law aspects.

Representation of International Institutional Investors

May 2008

Economic stagnation, scarce liquidity, banking crisis – and in this environment highly questionable transactions within Immofinanz group. We represent international and domestic institutional investors. There is encouraging response from the media.

Representation of an Arab Investor

April 2008

We welcome an Arab investor in Austria. New projects require planning of an array of tax, corporate and other matters.

Corporate and Tax Structuring of a Global Group

July 2007

Concept for streamlining the corporate and tax structure of a steel processing group with a worldwide presence.

Tax Structure for an Arab Investor

June 2007

Advising an Arab investor on streamlining the tax structure of his activities in Austria. The structure reflects worldwide activities and cashflow resulting therefrom.

Mobile Payment Joint Venture

April 2007

Advising a telecom company on the vendor due diligence for a mobile payment joint venture.

Austrian Sovereign Debt

January 2007

Advising a German bank on the transfer of a claim from a loan facility granted to the Republic of Austria.

Financing of a Slovene Banking Group

October 2006

Closing of the financing of a Slovene banking group by an Austrian bank.

Regulatory Advice for Mobile Banking

June 2006

Advising a mobile payment provider on regulatory banking law. Regulatory, contractual, and tax issues have to be reconciled.

Acquisition of Industrial Complex in The Netherlands

May 2006

Advising an Eastern European group on the purchase of a Dutch production line. The group structure is designed to minimize tax exposure for future dividend distributions.

Acquisition of Machinery and Equipment Group in Eastern Europe

April 2006

Advising a shareholder on a spin-off or buy-out with respect to a Central and Eastern European machinery and equipment group. Careful analysis of the financial statements enables the buyer to negotiate favorable terms and conditions.

Joint Venture of Banks and Telecoms

March 2006

Joint venture of two mobile phone operators (and indirectly two banks) with respect to a highly innovative mobile payment system closed. Before establishing the corporate structure groundbreaking regulatory research in banking law had to be performed.

Sale of Shopping Mall in Vienna

December 2005

Sale of 75% of a shopping mall in downtown Vienna. Advised the management of the target company, in particular on the due diligence.

Sale of Largest Vienna Hotel

August 2005

Advising the owners on the $220M sale of the largest hotel in Vienna. To prepare the deal a balance must be achieved between the interests of the owners in further project development, of the international operator, and of the financing banks.

Joint Venture of Mobile Carriers

April 2005

We are pleased to advise an Austrian mobile phone operator on a planned joint venture with a competitor. Despite the notoriously hard fight for market shares a cooperation with respect to innovative services is possible.

Tax Structure for Bulgarian Group

March 2005

Major Bulgarian group will maintain its holding company in Austria. Even after recent substantial tax cuts in other European countries the Austrian tax regime for holding companies remains very attractive. This holds true in particular for complex group structures as in the analyzed case.

Project Financing in Russia

March 2005

For the re-structuring of a project financing in Russia with inclusion of an Austrian group company a creative approach could be developed with the financing bank to maintain a satisfactory level of security. Details are confidential as yet.

Crude Oil Export Financing in Russia

January 2005

$200M crude oil export financing of a Russian oil group closed. Due to the experience of both the financing bank and its legal advisers in Austria and Russia with similar transactions the deal could be closed in record time.

Welcome to Creative International Legal Advice!

October 2004

Gerhard O. Rettenbacher opens an independent international law office in Vienna. Reactions of clients are overwhelmingly positive. Main areas of expertise are mergers and acquisitions, project finance, and international taxation. Clients are international businesses from Europe and the U.S., some of them stock listed. One geographical focus is on Russia and China.


Gerhard Rettenbacher
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